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Shirret Pattern "Solar Eclipse" $4 download                                                              Close up view of Shirret rows

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Creative Rugcraft Shirret book by Louise McCrady ./ ./shirret hook and tools/$27 Book of instruction in lesson format, with patterns for Round Target rugs & chair pads, Oval rugs,
Stripey Square and Rectangle and Patchwork rugs and chair pads, with borders and Designs $27

shirret cord for rugmakers.. .
If you TEACH CROCHET - take 40% off so you can teach AND sell supplies
How to DVD $24 . bCord $7    Shirret Everything Starter Tools $34









The only supply you ever buy again is 4 ply 100% cotton Long Spun Fiber rug maker's cord similar to weavers warp.
My Shirret cord is grown in America, 400 yards, covers 750 square inches, one 2' rug.
You can start Shirreting now DVD $24.  Most of the time, it's easiest to learn with a friend!
Shirret-method rugmaking creates thick, luxurious, reversible rugs.
The 45 minute film shows step-by-step ShiRRéT™
How to- quick multiple layered cutting of strips, how to double-crochet and pull a fold onto the stitch,
how to start the first chain stitch row with fabric, turning and increasing at corners of a square, and final round.
Shirret UPcycles fabric scraps, without sewing.
(Beware of Shirren - ends with the letter N - which is an illegal copy and infringement of my copyright and method, and their fake needle and directions do not work.
I get complaints all the time about Shirren -ends with an N, from people who think it is me, Shirret )